Service Overview

The semi-independence training programme is in place to assist our young people in developing and acquiring independent living skills. The aim of the semi-independence training is to ensure that, as far as possible service users are prepared for and comfortable with making the transition towards independence.

Through our semi-independence training, we aim to assist the service user in the following:
  • Providing a safe environment for the service users to learn and enhance their skills and knowledge in preparation for them to live independently.
  • Developing the service user’s awareness about Government systems and community services, so that they can represent themselves as and when necessary.
  • To ensure the service user recognises and develops their social skills to enable them to integrate into communities and society as a whole.
  • To enhance/develop the service user’s interpersonal skills so that they can make and sustain friendships.Enable the service user to acquire knowledge and skills in household maintenance and money management.
  • Ensure the service user develops the necessary competencies with regards to employment and further education.
  • Learning Valuable life and daily living skills.