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    Trinity Supported Living is a semi-independent living facility for vulnerable young people aged between 16-25 years of age.
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Welcome to Trinity Supported Living

Helping Young People to Shape Bright Futures

Trinity Supported Living is a semi-independent living facility for young people aged between 16-25 years who are seen as vulnerable individuals. We offer a 24 Hour wrap around support service with accommodation for young people which helps to build on life skills and daily living skills in order for them to move towards living independently within the community.

Our home provides a person centred environment and focuses on developing independence, person-centred life skills, communication, social skills and individual choice. At Trinity Supported living our young people are at the centre of everything we do and every decision that we make. Our priority is to equip the young people we assist with the skills needed to go on and lead rewarding and fulfilling lives.

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We Value Everyone, Treating All With Respect

Trinity Supported Living is more than just a supported living service assisting young people to make a transition towards independence. We hope to inspire and help all of the young people who stay with us to make a lasting and positive difference to their lives. Part of the aim is to help those we work with to learn what it means to live appropriately in the community and become citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

Our Purpose

Who We Work With

Part of our purpose at Trinity Supported Living is to focus on the needs of each individual we work with. The team work in partnership with families, local authorities, social workers, professionals and other organisations ensuring that the well-being of the young person is paramount. Primarily we offer a holistic approach to supporting young people in an effort to redress the imbalance that some have faced in the care system due to discrimination, racism and negative stereotyping of sexuality, which is unfortunately a reality for many young people looked after today.

A Semi Independent Living Facility

Helping to Make A Positive Change

We work with young people who are working towards their independence and a positive transition. Some of those who stay with us, may have offending behaviour and other behavioural and emotional difficulties. This is often helped through having the right care and support provided as and when needed.

At Trinity Supported Living we offer a culturally sensitive environment that enables young people to re-address issues pertinent to their specific needs as reflected in their individual Care/ Placement Plans. Through a range of care and support, we set out to help our young people build, thrive and make positive and lasting change.

  • Personal health
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Leisure & Activities
  • Community Integration
  • Experienced Key Workers
  • 1-1 Support
  • Safe Environment
  • 24 Hour Care and Support